1-3-5-7 notes

This is a very quick reference guide to your 1-3-5-7 notes for both Major and minor keys. No matter what instrument you play, it is essential for any musician to be able to quickly recall their 1-3-5-7 intervals from every note; feel free to print this page or save it to your bookmarks to help you memorize them.

Why is it important to learn these notes?

Your 1-3-5 notes (triad notes) make up your Maj/min chords (also dim/Aug but that’s for another lesson). Not only are these the note selection for these chord types, they are also the notes used to build arpeggios!

With this lesson, we added 7th notes so you can learn to extend to Maj7/min7 chords/arppegios without having to look for a different lesson.

Start by learning your 1-3-5. After that, 7th notes should be easy. (Remember your 8th note is the same as your 1st. Just count 1 step/half step below (depending on if you want Major or minor 7th))

Below is your Major 1-3-5-7 notes:

Below is your minor 1-♭3-5-♭7 notes:

Below is your dominant 1-3-5-♭7 notes. 

Hope this quick reference sheet helps!

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