Here is a list of several different arpeggio patterns. We have added examples is various keys to get you moving around the fret board some more, however these patterns are movable; so get learning!
Once you are comfortable with these arpeggio’s; Take our lesson on 7th Arpeggio’s!

Our first example is a G Major Arpeggio:

Root E - Example 1

A minor Arpeggio:

Root E - Example 2.png

C Dominant Arpeggio:

Root E - Example 3

F# Dim5 Arpeggio:

Root E - Example 4

Our next examples start with the note on the A string.

C Major Arpeggio:

Root A Example 1.png

D Minor Arpeggio:

Root A Example 2.pngB Dominant Arpeggio:Root A Example 3.pngB Diminished 5 Arpeggio: Root A Example 4.png

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