Barre Chords

When it comes to learning barre chords, you will see how easy it is to remember the shapes due to them being movable. Your biggest problem here will be building the finger strength (especially with your index finger) and making sure each note has clarity. If you aren’t getting a smooth sound out of your barre chords, don’t sweat. simply go back and practice your open chords as well as finger strength building exercises and come back when your ready!

When playing these chords, use your index finger to barre from your root note down all 6 strings (unless using A string root). We have given you examples with 3 different root notes so you can easily analyze how it works for yourself.

Barre Chords - E Root


Below is your barre chords using the A string for your root notes.

Barre Chords - A Root

If your curious as to why the shapes vary depending on the string you choose to have your root note on, the answer is simply due to intervals. On a guitar, the distance from your E string to A string is a 4th. This is the same with the A to the D string and the D to the G string. however, the distance from your G string to B string is a 3rd (G-A-B). This changes the position of your 3rd interval, slightly altering the shape. the distance from your b – e string is once again a 4th.

once you feel comfortable playing these basic barre chords, move on to our lesson on 7th chords!