Best well known albums!

Come back for frequent updates as we share our top picks among the best well known albums from all genres/time periods. 

This list is in no particular order.
One of the leaders in prog, here is a very well known album and is one of our favourites. It’s got 9.9 million views on YouTube, let’s get it 10 and some! 

What would this list be without radiohead? All their albums are great in their own way, but we are gonna stick to ok computer 

OK Computer – FULL ALBUM: AU:

Released in 1959, jazz legend miles davis truly did some inspiring music. Out of all the albums he has made, we chose kind of blue for its relaxed and easy listening vibes. At 9.2 million views, it still deserves more! 

Get the feels with this calming, self-titled Icelandic album. 8 million views on YouTube

Pump yourself up at any time with rage against the machine. Awesome band, awesome album! Only 450,000 views, definitely deserves more.

A well known album from the 70’s. Easy listening, great effects and mesmerising melodies.

For all the muse fans out there –

If you haven’t heard morcheeba before, you can’t miss this album.

If your looking for bass heavy reggae, then you can’t go wrong with fat freddys drop – 

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