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Meyou’s Recommeneded Albums

Come back for regular updates! Absolutely ridiculous album from Armenian – Tigran Hamasyan. One of the best musicians alive today! Chill your vibes with this smooth album from Tommy Guerrero. Great album with awesome instrumentation sections. R.i.p Chris Cornell. A truly great musician who helped shaped grunge as we know it Here’s a cool post […]

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Jazz Comping in D Major

MEyou’s new Jazz Comping lesson in D Major is now live!! 10 original Jazz comping examples made by us as a big thank you for the great response of our last comping lesson. Have fun learning everyone, if you need any additional help with the lesson, just message us 😁 Jazz Comping in D Major

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MeYouMusic’s Guitar Guide E-Book!

You can grab a copy of our new e-book on our website! Come and learn the guitar with us, ask questions and become a pro! If you would rather a different format other then pdf you can also grab a copy from Amazon using the link below 😁

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MeYouMusic Theory E-book

MeYouMusic has released it’s first E-book: A guide to music theory! This guide is useful for musicians of any skill as it not only includes lessons for beginners/intermediate level students, but also includes our extremely useful resource sheets. This guide will not only give you a strong understanding of the fundamentals of music theory, it […]

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Understanding Modal Theory

This is Meyoumusic’s mode lesson. Before moving on, make sure you have a good understanding of intervals and extensions, as well as fluidity using the Major scale, natural minor scale and the harmonic minor scale. If you aren’t prepared, you can get all these lessons at MeYouMusicOnline.  Firstly, remember the following order: Ionian  (Major Scale) […]

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