Extended Chord Progressions for Guitar

Here is our collection of different extended chord progressions made by MeYou, to help learn new chord shapes, understand how to make use of extended chords and guiding you to perform smoother chord changes.


Extended chord progression week 1:

In our first Extended Chord Progression we play the chords; Major 7th, minor 7th, Major 9th and minor 9th. The progression gives of a calming vibe if the chord changes are performed smoothly.


Extended Chord Progression week 2:

In this challenge we play our extended chord progression finger picking with all 5 fingers! With this practice you will also be exposed to chord shapes such as; Major 7th, minor 7th, Dominant 7th, Diminished 7th and 7#5.


Extended Chord Progression week 3:

Smooth jazz comping, making use of en-harmonic modulation to easily switch between keys. Some new chord shapes to learn as well such as minor♭13 and 6 sus2 chords.


Extended Chord Progression week 4:

This one involves open chords, a tricky chord shift involving an E minor add 9 and a big stretch for your pinky!


Extended Chord Progression week 5:

This week we are slowing things down with a really smooth progression. The chords are relatively easy in comparison with the previous weeks so you should be able to grasp it a little bit quicker.


Extended Chord Progression week 6:

This week we have shared a low-fi gloomy Jazz sound using lots of new 9th chord shapes to learn and using Major 7ths to resolve the tension throughout.


Extended Chord Progression week 7:

I decided to build this weeks extended chord progression on dominant 9th chords; using both Diminished 7th and half diminished chords for tension, A 6th chords as passing chords, and a couple of Major 7ths to release the tension at the end of the progression.



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