Finger Picking Basic’s

This lesson demonstrates several different picking patterns to help you begin incorporating your right hand into your playing.

Under each bar you will see the letters T – I – M – R – P  which represent:

T – Thumb

I – Index Finger

M – Middle Finger

R – Ring Finger

P – Pinky

these are the fingers on the right hand in which you use to pluck the strings. finger picking normally consists of allocating your thumb for your E-A and D strings, using your index finger for your G string, your middle finger for your B string and your ring finger for your high e string. Of course these are by no means the limitations, with some exceptions including your pinky finger.

Before playing each example make sure you have your left hand already prepared in the chordal position and then work on adding your right hand. Start slowly and make sure you repeatedly get each pattern clear and correct before increasing tempo.

A Major.png

B Minor.png

C Major.png

D Major.png

E minor.png

F Major.png

G Major.png

Once you can comfortably play these, try and play your own variations and build progressions using these chords alone. Once you are capable of doing so with your standard chords, start to expand with extended chords!

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