Guitar Extended Chord Progression of the week! ( finger picking)

Welcome to MeYouMusicOnline’s Extended Chord Progression of the week!

For this progression I like to finger pick the extended chords in 16th notes. The first 3 bars of the tab are played in 4/4 and only require your thumb, index, middle and ring finger of your right hand. In the final bar (which I like to repeat several times) the time signature is changed to 5/4 and it requires all 5 fingers on your right hand to pick, and so practice is likely required to get each string to resonate a smooth tone.

Before playing this through i recommend two things:

1: Instead of playing the notes like a classical arpeggio, play the full chords until your fingers have memorized the chord shapes and can change between them swiftly.

2: Setting up a metronome to 80 BPM and making sure their is clarity in each note before increasing the tempo.


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