Jazz Comping chord progressions


Here are tabs for several different common jazz comping chords. These are great little progressions to help build your chord dictionary as well as building smooth chord changes. You can loop these progressions and improvise over them.

Example 1:

Jazz rhythm (1) part 2.png



Example 2:


Example 3:


Example 4:

Jazz comping chords - gypsy feel.png


Example 5:

Jazz rhythm 4.png


Example 6:

Jazz rhythm 5.png


Example 7:

Jazz rhythm 6.png



Example 8:

Jazz rhythm 8.png


Example 9:

Jazz rhythm 9.png


Example 10:

Jazz rhythm 10.png



play these through multiple times until you can transition between the chords smoothly without error. Take note of the chord names as well and try to memorize them 1 at a time.


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