Meyou’s Recommeneded Albums

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Absolutely ridiculous album from Armenian – Tigran Hamasyan. One of the best musicians alive today!

Chill your vibes with this smooth album from Tommy Guerrero. Great album with awesome instrumentation sections.

R.i.p Chris Cornell. A truly great musician who helped shaped grunge as we know it

Here’s a cool post rock album to check out!

New rock album released 3 days ago. Great nostalgic sounds, reminds me of various classics like Hendrix, pink Floyd, led zeppelin, etc.

The second song sold me. Awesome use of effects in this trip hop/ techno/ jazz Mix up. Very smooth transitioning with great progression. 

A great guitarist and a great album! Listen now! 

Once in a while, an album comes out with so much expression that your mind is taken to a different world. This is one of those albums, enjoy!


For all you phycadelic prog fans, embrace the magic that is this debut!



Beautiful, fluent and easy listening. Perfect way to relax on a cloudy day.

Amazing Spanish post rock, needs to be heard!

Need some dark ambient jazz to relax to this evening? We’ve got you covered, enjoy ☺


Starting the list with this crazy album with blends of jazz, hip hop, electronica and various other elements! Layered to the max with effects. Lay down, close your eyes and have a great experience!

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