String Skipping – Guitar


This is an easy reference guide with Tab’s for Guitar string skipping exercise’s.


Our first example play around a simple E minor shape.

exercise 1.png

Our 2nd exercise is a G Major

Exercise 2.png

Our 3rd exercise is a little different. Try and add some groove as you play this one.


exercise 3.png

This exercise is just to get you use to jumping from your 6th to your 1st string.


exercise 5.png

with exercise 6, try keeping your index finger on the 12th fret of your low E string. use your pinky for the 17th fret of both the high e and b string and use your ring finger to hit the 15th fret.

exercise 6.png

After playing these through smoothly several times, experiment with your own patterns. Pick a chord or arpeggio that you are familiar with and find a picking pattern which involves string skipping that sounds right to you.


Below we have also added the 4 picking patterns for the song ‘Street Spirit’ from Radiohead. This is a great song for practicing string skipping, if you don’t know it, give it a listen before you attempt to play.

Street spirit.png

The songs structure is:

  • Verse: Am – Em – Am
  • Chorus: C – Em – Am


  • Ending: G6 – Em – Am


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