Tapping Exercises

Tapping on a guitar is a technique in which you use fingers from both hands to press down (tap) the notes. Incorporating both hands together will take quite some time, especially when acquiring finger strength for both hands and syncopation within your playing. This lesson will help beginners get started with some great exercises to build upon just this!


Example 1:

Below is a 3 count tapping exercise. Simply tap the 12th fret using either your Index or Middle finger. Keep your Index finger on your left hand on the 5th fret so when you pull off with your right hand it produces an A note. Then hammer onto the 8th fret and repeat. Start slowly and build speed once you are capable of getting clarity within each note.


Example 2:

This next exercise simply goes through the notes of the Pentatonic scale.


Example 3:

I came up with the following exercise when playing around in the Hungarian minor scale. It’s a little bit trickier then the previous examples but give it some practice and you will have no problem with it soon enough!


example 4:

a great tapping exercise I practiced when starting off was the tapping solo for the original power rangers theme tune, and so I decided to include it in this lesson 🙂




Example 5:

This short and sweet little exercise is the ultimate way to gain confidence with both hands due to it’s simplicity and the fact you can transpose the shape easily to any position on the guitar fret board.

last tap.png

This Tapping exercise requires 4 fingers on both hands. Staring with your index finger on your left hand holding the 5th fret of your A string, hammer on to the 6th fret with your middle finger, hammer on to your 7th fret with your ring finger and then hammer onto your 8th fret with your little finger. After this you will do the exact same pattern with your right hand, starting with your index finger on the 12th fret. Do this many times over many different days until you can get a nice flow without a gap in between your 8th and 12th fret. This simple technique will get you use to working with all your fingers on both hands, allowing you more freedom with your guitar.