Tune of the day!

Jacob Zytecki has just released his amazing new album. Check out one of the singles released:

Here at MeYouMusic we appreciate many genres; so here’s some real cool hip hop mix – 

Somewhat relatable. Easy going techno vibes to mellow your Wednesday 🙂 

A powerful tune! Listen closely and enjoy this beautiful piece

100% Trex Deadson approved! Happy Monday 

Aren’t we all running?? The title fits well in this instrumental post rock. Close your eyes and soak in the sounds!

After a stressful week, some heavy metal helps to let it all out. Come On, give it a try!

New release from the contortionist. Awesome song from an awesome band! Check it out and psyche yourself up for their album release!

An easy start to the week with this 19th century Spanish guitar piece. Feel the notes expressed, love the music!

Listen to some melodic funk to get you going this Sunday morning. Enjoy the smooth bass and upbeat percussion in this remix

Melodic, groove, progression. Start your Saturday evening right! 

Check out the fresh Dixie project. Upbeat indie jazz to start your Friday.

One of our favourite songs from this amazing prog album. If you haven’t heard them before, you should definitely check them out here?

Cool jam to chill with. Feel the emotions packed in by Maynards vocals.

Need to pump yourself up this morning? Look no further –

One of our favourites! Check out this masterpiece

Kicking off MeYouMusic’s tune of the day blog with some great funk! Enjoy

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